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  • Firm to deep pressure

  • Previous massage therapy instructor

  • Advanced anatomy knowledge 

  • Cupping

  • Bonus: Himalayan Salt Stones available

April Koren, LMT

Omaha School of Massage Therapy 2012

April, thank you for your service. I appreciate your helpful suggestions and I feel so much better.

- Kendra

Mar 2023


30 MINS 

30 MINS 

I was very impressed with the massage I got with April! She immediately made me feel at ease, I could tell right away that she is very experienced and she immediately went right to the muscles /areas where I typically hold a lot of tension and started working on them. April was easy to communicate with during the massage, and I could feel my muscles relax and release so much tension and stress under her guidance. My knots and stiffness are gone and I feel so much more centered. 

-Sarah H.

Feb 2023

I had been in pain for a week, unable to sit comfortably, walk very well, or get into or out of a chair easily. Half-way through the massage my back pain was almost completely resolved. I LOVED the hot stones! 🤩 I walked out of the session feeling like my old self again!!

 - Christine

May 2023

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