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Advanced Fuller School of Massage 2022

Maricela Castro

-Lifelong passion for massage

  • Heavy pressure

  • Deep Tissue

  • Cupping

  • Intuitive Touch

Loved my massage by Maricela! She is very professional and passionate about her work, not to mention an incredibly skilled LMT.

- Matti

Dec 24 2022


Nov 03 2022


Maura uses the perfect amount of pressure and knows a variety of techniques. She addressed my primary area of concern immediately and everything afterwards was a bonus. I left feeling relaxed but also energized. I also really like the Eucalyptus scent in the face rest. Will return when I am in the area.

30 MINS 

30 MINS 

Cupping and stretching were very helpful integrating into the massage. Different places use different cupping strategies, this was actually done right. My muscles finally have had the chance to relax


Jan 10 2023

Maricela has had a lifelong passion for massage.  Her massage is not only effective at resolving pain, but nurturing as well.  Her pressure is deep and her touch is intuitive.  Maricela is a natural, and her clients enjoy the thoughtful additions to make them comfortable during sessions.

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