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Advanced Fuller School of Massage 2022

Maricela Castro

-Natural gift for massage therapy combined with excellent knowledge of the body

  • Heavy pressure

  • Deep Tissue

  • Cupping

  • Favorite focus area: feet, they're our foundation!

  • Crossfit athlete

  • Bonus: BEMER mat available 

Signature Technique: 

Putting you in a relaxed position during deep work.

Loved my massage by Maricela! She is very professional and passionate about her work, not to mention an incredibly skilled LMT.

- Matti

Dec 24 2022


Maricela was great! She is friendly and inviting. It is very apparent that she knows her anatomy and her hands are very intuitive, they know just where to go and follow your body's cues and pain. I am not an easy person to work on and she was very nurturing and patient with me.

30 MINS 

30 MINS 

- Elizabeth

Mar 30 2023

Maricela listened carefully and was very respectful of my body of what it can and can't do. She concentrated on my hamstring, knee, calf, and foot soreness and provided great relief. Every time I walk out of there I truly feel like a new man, I guarantee Kinetic Restoration will not disappoint!

- Juan

Jan 24 2023

Maricela has had a lifelong passion for massage.  Her massage is not only effective at resolving pain, but nurturing as well.  Her pressure is deep and her touch is intuitive.  Maricela is a natural, and her clients enjoy the thoughtful additions to make them comfortable during sessions.

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