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Massage Therapy for Pain Relief & Athletic Recovery 

30 MINS 

Deep tissue massage cupping

Ready to get out of pain and back to your life?

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At Kinetic Restoration, our massage treatments are focused on resolving pain & dysfunction. If you have only had massages at a corporate chain, our approach is very different, and the reason our clients absolutely rave about us. We work with the kinetic chain, not just "where it hurts".  Our sessions are divided into upper body or lower body focus to set the expectation that we will focus on the kinetic chain related to your area of pain.  If you have neck and shoulder pain, you can expect significant improvement in these areas with a 60 minute Upper Body Restoration.  A 90 minute massage will allow us to thoroughly treat about 80-90% of the body.  All tools & modalities (cupping, hot stones, etc) are included unless stated otherwise. Our therapists are a team of employees with a cohesive mindset - not a group of independent contractors or renters operating individually.  Our therapists are typically heavy pressure - Please read about our team of therapists here to select the right level of pressure for you! 




60 MINS 

90 MINS 

Focusing on back, neck, and shoulders. 90 minute session may allow for some work on the legs & hips. You may have:


  • Tingling in the hands/fingers

  • carpal tunnel

  • stiff neck

  • TMJ

  • shoulder pain from workouts

  •  upper back pain from desk posture

myofascial release


90 MINS 

60 MINS 

For those with pain in the lower back, hips, legs, and feet. 90 minutes will allow some work on the upper body. This massage relieves common problems such as:


  • sciatica

  • plantar fasciitis

  •  hip pain

  • shin splints

  • knee pain

hand massage


90 MINS 

60 MINS 


Dealing with extreme stress, anxiety, or poor sleep quality? This treatment will incorporate soothing massage techniques, hot towels and stones, and aromatherapy. Forget about your daily stressors and leave feeling rejuvenated.

prenatal massage

prenatal massage

60 MINS 

90 MINS 

Pregnancy brings many changes to your body!  Take care of yourself with regular massages to enjoy benefits such as:

  • improved sleep

  • reduced anxiety

  • hormone regulation

  • relief from conditions that are common in pregnancy such as  sciatica & carpal tunnel 

  • improved labor outcomes

  • improved newborn health

30 MINS 

30 MINS 

30 MINS 


30 minute
focus/cupping session

30 MINS 

A 30 minute session is a great way to manage more severe pains, when you wake up with a crick in your neck, or if you want a cupping-only session.  Just let our therapists know your focus when you arrive! 

hip stretch

Assisted Stretch Therapy

30 MINS 

Go beyond the grab-your-ankle quad stretch we all learned in high school PE class.  Our therapists will help you increase mobility and flexibility using contract-relax techniques.  

Sessions are typically done on a floor mat. Please wear comfortable clothing.

infrared sauna


25 MINS 

Infrared sauna


Available before a massage or as a standalone session, the IR sauna helps reduce mental  & physical tension and promotes healthy circulation.  

Neck extension
myofascial stretch
shoulder mobility
interior photo
hot stones
athletic stretching
infrared sauna
Maricela does a great job focusing on problem areas. I’ve had a lot of massages, but hers are distinctly different. I walk in with such tightness, and then walk out feeling so light and free. I also love intense pressure, and she can do it!
Maura is THE absolute best massage therapist I’ve ever seen!! Not only did she help the problems I initially came in for, but she also targeted the areas in my neck and shoulders that a lot of my issues were stemming from. I feel so, so much better and will definitely be returning!
I had been in pain for a week, unable to sit comfortably, walk very well, or get into or out of a chair easily. Half-way through the massage my back pain was almost completely resolved. I LOVED the hot stones! 🤩 I walked out of the session feeling like my old self again!! Thank you, April!

Medical Outcall Services Available!

In-home Medical Massage

  • Designed for those who have reduced mobility, the therapist travels to your home

  • Conditions may include paralysis, MS, Parkinson's, amputation, TBI, and post surgical, new mothers too! 

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